Success constructed on a History of Efficiency and Honesty.


By utilising resources in the most effective manner and keeping overheads low, NORVO Construction aims to achieve quality work, completed in the least possible time, at market-related costs – and by so doing make a profit.

We aim to ensure that NORVO stands out as an efficient and honest broker in an industry where conflict with clients is endemic.

Norvo Construction

NORVO Construction (Pty) Ltd is a family owned company operating in KwaZulu-Natal. With more than 60 years in the Construction Industry, our philosophy is to provide professional, efficient and reliable building services, along with the flexibility to adapt to the individual needs of our clients and professionals. By doing so we aim to create mutually beneficial long-term partnerships.

More than just a construction company:

A leader in empowerment.

NORVO Construction is committed to supporting the South African government’s vision to develop an economy that meets the needs of all South Africans.

NORVO aims to improve the race and gender mix within the company by partnering with previously disadvantaged individuals. Historically, NORVO was one of the first companies to employ non-white artisans in the 1950s. Since 1993, the company has undertaken several joint ventures with emerging contractors, suppliers and sub-contractors.

NORVO is committed to sharing our skills and knowledge, and mentoring Small, Medium and Micro enterprises to transform them into sustainable businesses. NORVO has taken several struggling specialist companies under our wing in the past, using them for in-house work until they find their feet, and then releasing them back into the industry. These businesses will in turn make a meaningful contribution to the running of NORVO Construction, as well as to the upliftment of their communities.

With a community-centred ethos, NORVO has also fostered relationships across cultures and focused on skills development. Employees are routinely trained in aspects of construction management and life skills. NORVO also supports community projects by donating reusable items and fixtures made redundant during alteration tasks.

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