NORVO Construction was founded in 1948 by Bernardus Voogt and Harry Norrekjaer, who immigrated to South Africa from Holland during the Great Depression. Run initially from a bachelor flat in Durban, the business prospered and in 1959 was contracted to build housing developments for Natal Estates and Durban Corporation.

The 1961 recession resulted in a major staff reduction, and in 1963 Harry Norrekjaer left NORVO. Bernadus's son Ben Voogt, then aged 20, joined him in the business. Peter Voogt, Ben's brother, joined the company in the late Seventies, along with Tony Williams and Ken Reardon.

The 1970s were marked by a major increase in turnover and profits, as well as the start of enduring relationships with the Beare Group, Cargo Carriers, Russells, Marriott & Boyd and HN Naran Family Trust. Today, NORVO is owned and run by Ben and Peter Voogt.

The 1980s were a watershed period in NORVO's history. Alterations at St Augustine's Hospital in Durban marked the company's entry into the hospital sector, and NORVO also began to construct our own commercial buildings for rent or resale - the first being Essex Park in Essex Terrace, Westville.

Another major turning point came in 1993 when NORVO undertook our first joint venture project: construction of Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital in Phoenix. Since then, NORVO has engaged in a number of other joint ventures with emerging contractors.

NORVO Construction is committed to the development of our human resources. Implementing and consistently enforcing 'best operating practice' ingrains the importance of quality control in our staff and encourages them to take ownership of this cause.

On-site supervision is carried out by experienced foreman, most of whom have been with the company for over 20 years.

It is NORVO's philosophy that our human resources are our business. All forms of discrimination will be actively and systematically discouraged to create equal opportunities in the work place.

Our Health and Safety Policy

All employees who form part of this company are important.

They are important to the company and to their families.

Every worker has the right to a safe and healthy work place & the right to return home every day healthy & without injury.

We shall all strive to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

Every employee is responsible for carrying out his work in a safe and healthy manner for himself and his fellow workers.

Honesty, Loyalty & Caring: Our firm foundation.

The success of NORVO can be attributed to the continual implementation of the following code of ethics and principles.

  • The law shall not be violated.
  • Information obtained in the course of business dealings shall remain privileged information and be kept private.
  • Professionalism should be maintained in all aspects of business.
  • Transparency in business dealings is key.
  • Commitment to being mindful of clients’ budgets is crucial.
  • Commitment to meeting programmed dates is pivotal to our business.
  • Uncompromised quality is a fundamental part of our offering.
  • A problem is only a problem when left behind or covered over.
  • The health and safety of all come first.
  • Superior service is at the core of everything we do.

Healthcare in focus.

Since NORVO's first hospital contract at St Augustine's Hospital in the mid 1980s, the company has completed projects for all the major South African hospital groups. NORVO currently holds a contract with Life Healthcare for ongoing construction at its KwaZulu-Natal hospitals, Westville, Crompton and Entabeni.

NORVO employees are specially trained to work in sensitive occupied areas in hospital situations. As a result, NORVO has experience successfully completing renovation work in such environments as maternity wards and intensive care units.

Renowned for our excellent performance in terms of additions and alterations to functioning hospitals, NORVO has an excellent track record in new hospital construction. Following the successful completion of Phoenix's Mahatma Gandhi Memorial with empowerment partner DMT Construction, NOVO and DMT went on to construct the Mount Edgecombe Hospital for Afrox.

Commitment to Excellence.

NORVO Construction has a master quality assurance / quality control plan which dictates systems, process and production to our staff.

By continually implementing and reviewing our master quality plan we believe that we can align ourselves with ISO accreditation standards in all aspects of our business in the future.

NORVO is committed to the delivery of quality buildings in compliance with contract documents and statutory requirements. By controlling construction projects in a systematic, structured manner, NORVO aims to stand out as an honest and efficient construction company in an industry associated with falling standards and conflict.

Innovation & Development: The way forward.

It is NORVO Construction's objective to stay ahead in our industry by keeping abreast of technology, fulfilling statutory requirements, continually training or mentoring our staff, and by consciously adhering to our master quality assurance / quality control plan.